Monday, May 10, 2010

Disappearing Chocolate

Disclosure: No one paid me to say this or gave me anything free. I just like this stuff and wanted to share my thoughts. 

Late last year ago I read (maybe on Angry Chicken, yes at her site) a post about a line of flavored chocolates, one of which features tortillas, lime and salt. This is so up my alley, and (after the usual delay and dithering) I ran out to find some. I bought 6 bars, 3 for my sister and her husband, and 3 for my (other) brother-in-law and his gal. I wrapped up and mailed three bars in time for them to get to Karen and Anthony while they were on the east coast at the holidays.

comforte chocolate
Photo originally from the Meadow's website
you can buy this chocolate through them

In the mean time, one of the bars of chocolate I'd saved for Dylan and Melissa's stockings went AWOL. No one copped to knowing where it went. Chris hadn't taken it, nor had the nanny. Ada probably wouldn't have liked it, and if she'd taken it I would have found some evidence. (she isn't the best at hiding candy wrappers and they tend to pop up around the house) So I took the two remaining bars and gave them away at Christmas, but I was annoyed that I'd lost one of these bars.

Then I asked Karen about the chocolate I'd sent to her and Anthony. They never got them, much to my disappointment. I was a little worried that these chocolates were cursed, delectable yet uneatable!

When Karen and Anthony visited in February, we stopped by the Meadow and I bought several more bars. We enjoyed tasting them, and eating the tortilla/lime/salt one inspired Anthony to suggest that I make a fondue on this theme. (At the time I'd been planning a fondue for a neighbor-dinner) I followed through, to the rave reviews of my dinner companions. A chocolate fondue into which we dipped chips, followed by a spritz of lime juice and a sprinkle of salt - it was delicious. Even better, it fit the evening's Mexican theme (which featured posole and Mexican chicken soup).

In March Karen sent me an email saying that the chocolate had arrived at her mother-in-law's house.  MARCH. Her mother-in-law ate them, which worked out well as she was working on Karen and Anthony's taxes at the time. Nothing like a little sugar-based motivation to get you hunting for tax credits.

After eating the chocolate with Karen and Anthony and more recently buying and consuming a bar for myself, I think the curse may be broken. I hope so at least, because I just bought a couple of bars to send to some friends in Chicago. I hope the postal service is more on top of things this time.
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