Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaway - growth chart

I recently got a very polite message from a promo person at All Children's Furniture (as the name implies, they sell kids beds and related stuff). She asked if I wanted to give something away to one of my readers. Lucky for you, I do want to give something away to a reader. Or to be perfectly honest, I want to help other people give something away.

The "something" in this case is a cute wooden growth chart:


If you'd like to win this growth chart from allchildren', just leave me a comment telling me your favorite animal. You can tell me your kid's favorite too, but since hearing about this, I am obsessed with what is a "good animal."

In a week I will pick a winner with the help of my trusty random number generator. (this giveaway is limited to U.S. and Canadian readers, as that is where this item can be shipped)

If  you left a comment over at my other blog, I am counting those comments too!


  1. I have many favorite animals, but I'm going with the tiger. Fierce and proud, strong and amazing... and so cuddly and sweet when small and wee. Reminds me of my son. :) Who, incidentally, is growing really really fast, which would make that growth chart an awesome addition to his room.

  2. I will go with the Ocelot. Also, I love saying "ocelot."